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Helium Hire   

Helium Tank Hire 

Central Coast Events Hire A Range Of Helium Tanks For You To Choose From.

When Hiring A Helium Tank There Is A Bond To Be Paid On Delivery Or Pick Up Of The Helium Tank.

Central Coast Events Will Not Take Any Responsibility For In Proper Use Of the Helium Tanks Any In Proper Use May Result In Loss Of Bond And Extra Charges.


Tank C: 

  • $60 Helium Hire Only 


  • $85 Helium Hire + 50 Standard Balloons & Ribbon   

Tank D:

  • $100 Helium Hire Only 

  • $140 Helium Hire + 100 Standard Balloons & Ribbon 

Tank E:

  • $220 Helium Hire Only 

  • $260 Helium Hire + 300 Balloons & Ribbon 

Tank G:

  • $390 Helium Hire Only 

  • $450 Helium Hire + 750 Balloon & Ribbon 

In Shop Helium:

If You Have small Quantity Of Balloons Or A Special Foil Balloon We Are Able To Fill Them At Our Shop Located At Tumbi Umbi.

If You Contact Us We Will Be Happy To Help.


BYO Balloon:

11" Helium Balloon / $1.25 Per Balloon 

Foil Balloons             / From $5 Per Balloon 

We Supply Balloons:

11"Helium Balloon   /$1.75 Per Balloon 

Foil Balloon Must Be Pre Order